Affiliate Software
Affiliate Software

SPRUT PARTNERS serves as an affiliate management software platform, providing you with a performance marketing tool to efficiently oversee your affiliates, monitor their advertising campaigns, analyze player data, optimize your marketing budget, and ensure timely payout of affiliate rewards.

Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing stands out as the most powerful marketing tool for brand promotion. Affiliates play a crucial role in driving traffic to operators' websites, and they are rewarded for the visitors they bring. Our affiliate marketing software is specifically crafted to assist businesses in creating their own affiliate programs, fostering transparent and robust partnerships with affiliates, engaging with players, and ultimately boosting revenues through the efforts of their affiliate network.

  • Affiliate Management
  • Built-in Payment Processing
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Flexible Commission Plans
  • Multiple Affiliate Tiers
  • Custom Dynamic Tracking Parameters
  • Multiple Brands and Products within One Affiliate Program
  • Various Access Levels to the System
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability
Affiliate Management

SPRUT PARTNERS offers a comprehensive set of tools for efficient management of your affiliate database. You have the ability to access and review essential information such as account details and contact information of your affiliates. Additionally, you can assign dedicated affiliate managers to your partners, verify or block affiliate accounts, approve submitted documents, and conveniently label affiliates with custom tags for easy navigation. Leave comments on affiliate accounts for your team to streamline communication and collaboration.

Moreover, you can effortlessly handle affiliate rewards, payments, and balance management. Customize commission plans, media resources, landing pages, and bonus codes for individual affiliates. Analyze affiliate statistics to gain valuable insights, and tailor report visibility settings for each affiliate according to your preferences. SPRUT PARTNERS equips you with all the necessary tools to effectively oversee and optimize your affiliate program.

  • Manage affiliate accounts
  • Assign affiliate managers
  • Leave comments
  • Pay or cancel affiliate payments
  • Offer individual commission plans
  • Assign personal media and landings
  • Analyze affiliate performance
  • Define report fields
Built-in Payment Processing

Timely and efficient payouts are vital for any affiliate program. At SPRUT PARTNERS, we understand the importance of streamlining this process. That's why our solution offers integrated payment methods, including crypto processing, e-wallets, and bank transfers, allowing your financial managers to process affiliate invoices with just a few clicks.

With SPRUT PARTNERS, there's no need to manually handle each affiliate payment or export them for processing elsewhere. Our back-office system enables you to process all affiliate payments directly within the platform, saving you time and effort. By providing a seamless payment experience, SPRUT PARTNERS ensures that your affiliates receive their payments promptly and efficiently.

  • Integrated Payment Systems
  • Financial API to process payments
  • Automatic Payment Schedules
Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting system provides you with in-depth insights into the performance of your brands, affiliates, affiliate campaigns, and referral links. The flexibility of our reporting filters and data groupings ensures that you can generate reports with the desired level of detail.

With our reporting feature, you can easily filter data based on specific date ranges, brands, affiliate managers, affiliates, groups of affiliates, commission strategies, promotions, and more. Additionally, you can break down data by players, custom dynamic tracking parameters, player countries, and segment data based on registration date, first deposit date, and other relevant factors.

To facilitate data analysis, our reports can be exported in csv, json, and xml formats, allowing for seamless integration with external tools and systems.

Regarding access levels, affiliate managers can view reports exclusively for their assigned affiliates, while affiliates have access to data fields, filters, and data groupings that you share with them within the report visibility settings. This ensures that each user sees only the relevant data required for their specific role and responsibilities.

  • Detailed Affiliate and Player Reports
  • Advanced Segmentation, Filtering, Data Grouping
  • Data Exports in csv, json, xml Formats
  • Limited Access to Reports for Affiliate Managers
  • Global and Individual Report Visibility Settings for Affiliates
Flexible Commission Plans

Within SPRUT PARTNERS, you have the flexibility to offer a diverse range of commission plans to your affiliates, including standard CPA, RevShare, Hybrid deals, and even your own unique reward algorithms. Conditional tiers can be created based on various metrics such as net revenue, deposit count, depositing players count/sum, FTD count, wager amount, subaffiliate earnings, and more.

Rewards can take the form of a percentage of net revenue, a percentage of deposit sums, a percentage of subaffiliate earnings, a percentage of wager amounts, flat fees, and other customizable options. Additionally, fixed rewards can be assigned for players who meet specific criteria such as FTD amount, wager/bet amount, deposit sum/count, and more.

Regarding negative carryover, you have the flexibility to choose whether to ignore and forgive negative debt entirely or carry it forward to the next reporting period, either fully or partially. Negative carryover in cryptocurrencies can be offset by positive rewards in fiat currencies and vice versa, or it can be ignored altogether.

Affiliate rewards can be paid out on a monthly, weekly, biweekly, daily, or specific date basis, allowing you to align the payout frequency with your business needs and affiliate agreements.

  • Traditional RevShare, Hybrid, CPA models
  • Custom-built Reward Plans
  • Rewards Scheduling
  • Various Approaches to Negative Carryover
  • Optimisation of Marketing Expenses
Multiple Affiliate Tiers

Empower your affiliates to expand your affiliate program by inviting sub-affiliates and earning rewards for their referrals. This creates a mutually beneficial arrangement where you gain new affiliates and, in turn, new players, while your partners receive compensation for referring new partners to your brands.

  • Subaffiliate deals
Multiple Brands and Products within One Affiliate Program

With SPRUT PARTNERS, you have the ability to seamlessly integrate all your brands and products into a single affiliate program. Consolidating multiple brands under one umbrella offers several advantages, including increased brand exposure, enhanced revenue generation for each brand, improved team productivity, and reduced operational costs.

By managing brands, creatives, landings, affiliate accounts, balances, reports, and commission settings from a unified back-office, you can streamline operations and simplify management processes. Partners also benefit from this integration as they no longer need to go through a separate registration and onboarding process for each new brand. They can immediately begin promoting any of your brands as soon as they are added to the affiliate program, saving time and effort.

Various Access Levels to the System

Access to the affiliate program is based on roles, allowing you to define the level of access for each team member. You have the flexibility to grant full access to the entire program or restrict access to specific sections and actions. For instance, affiliate managers may have access only to the affiliates they invited and those assigned to them.

In addition, you can whitelist specific IP addresses, granting access only to authorized locations when logging into the back-office.

To ensure transparency and control, every action performed by your team members is logged and tracked in the event-tracking section of the back-office. This enables you, as the business owner, to stay informed about all activities within your affiliate program, and it empowers you to maintain complete oversight over who can view and perform specific actions.

  • Role-based System Access
  • IPs Whitelist
  • Event logging