Bonus Engine
Bonus Engine

Sprut Gaming partners have access to a versatile bonus engine equipped with advanced triggering capabilities, enabling them to design bonuses that cater to their customers' preferences.

The multipurpose cross-product engine seamlessly integrates various features such as casino bonuses, tournaments, gamification, and live interactive displays. This enhances customer involvement across all sections of the platform, resulting in increased engagement.

  • Expanding Cross-Selling Possibilities with Versatile Cross-Product Bonus Capabilities
  • Developing bonuses that incorporate multi-product triggering mechanisms
  • Crafting a customer campaign journey to boost their engagement
  • Streamlining the most intricate acquisition and retention strategies with our advanced multi-triggering system for bonuses.
  • Creating campaign journeys to increase conversion rates in multiple interaction points
  • Simplifying the customer experience through our intuitive campaign interactions
  • Personalizing campaign creation functionalities to treat each customer as a VIP
  • Automating your marketing campaigns through seamless customer experience
  • Comprehensive Bonus Reporting
  • Real-time tracking of campaign performance
  • Calculating ROI and improving your marketing offerings in real time
  • Creating Campaigns Specific To The Currency, Country, And To The Risk Level Of Your Customers
  • Ability To Grant Bonuses Manually To Single Players Or A List Of Pre-Segmented Players