Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

Fulfill all your customer retention needs using our advanced CRM system. Enhance customer experience to a world-class level through robust automation and effective engagement strategies.

Our platform includes a comprehensive CRM solution designed to meet your customer retention needs at any scale. You have the ability to filter, track, and interact with player activities across all levels. Furthermore, our CRM enables targeted engagement with players based on their profile segments such as country and language. Additionally, Sprut Gaming's CRM product provides automated email campaigns, flexible customer segmentation, traffic conversion tools, interactive leaderboards, gamification features across all products, customizable VIP communication, and much more. With our CRM, you can effectively convert website visitors into registered users and enhance their engagement and retention levels.

Allow us to take care of the software aspect, enabling you to concentrate on implementing effective marketing strategies for customer retention and revenue expansion.

Actualise Your CRM Strategies:
  • Comprehensive Segmentation Options Generate and customize dynamic player lists that automatically update in real time. Implement highly targeted promotional campaigns and leverage unique player personalization features using our advanced CRM system.
  • Personalization Using Player Attributes Tailor different elements of your website to a diverse set of player attributes through our personalization engine. Provide customized promotions to individual players based on their gaming and payment history, adjust payment methods and limits, game content, and exclusive features according to their specific requirements.
  • Utilize both dynamic and static configurations to create a more immersive user experience and enhance personalization.
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Real-Time Metrics Monitoring
  • Tracking Player Journeys
  • Instantaneous Triggers
Additional Features:
  • Email Campaigns on Autopilot
  • Push Notifications Capability
  • Flexible CRM and Customer Segmentation
  • Enhancing Traffic Conversion
  • Powering Gamification Engine
  • Converting Visitors into Registrations
  • Amplifying Customer Engagement
  • Interactive Leaderboards for User Interaction
  • Elevating Customer Retention
  • Customizing VIP Communications
  • Implementing Gamification Across All Products