White Label
White Label Online Casino Software

White Label online casino is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution aimed at launching your own casino in the shortest time possible, which inevitably saves time on recruitment, staff supervision, and quality assurance. SPRUT GAMING will implement a ready-to-go-live product, completing the project on time and within the budget. It doesn’t get much more convenient than this!

White Label Gaming Solution

In the iGaming industry, purchasing a White Label casino is a popular choice among operators who face the decision of either developing a platform from scratch, incurring substantial expenses, or acquiring a fully functional White Label solution and adding final touches as necessary. A White Label online casino offers an ideal alternative for those aiming to launch a new casino quickly and at comparatively affordable costs. The concept of "White Label" entails the client receiving a generic platform with a pre-packaged selection of slots, bonuses, and payment methods. The client has the flexibility to customize the package by removing or adding games based on their preferences or the specific interests of targeted countries or users. This inherent adaptability of the White Label gaming solution positions it as one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient choices available.

The Advantages of White Label Сasino

Having a fully operational system in place offers a considerable benefit. Furthermore, you gain access to a license, a customized website design for your platform, and integrated verified payment options, with the possibility of more to be added in the future. With SPRUT GAMING handling the rest of the tasks, you can devote your full attention to casino marketing.

White Label Online Casino Package Includes
  • Instantly launch your casino project with a ready-to-go-live solution offered by industry-leading White Label casino providers.
  • Cross-platform solution
  • 9,000+ games from top-tier providers
  • Multicurrency
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Secure payment system
  • User-friendly interface with multi-language settings
  • Licensing for your business
  • Тhe fastest market entry: within 4 weeks
  • Bonus Engine
  • Affiliate software
  • CRM & automated retention system
White Label Casino Software Development Process:
Planning — detailed project plan preparation and creation of a roadmap for the client
Designing: a. Design draft, b. Evaluation, c. Reconciliation, d. Approval
Website preparation
Game providers activation
Payment methods activation
Testing of the website
Final launch
Obtain the Highest-Quality Software Available

Our clients get a ready-to-use platform with a back office and a vast catalogue of website templates. Every design template can be customised to a particular brand category. Technical support is provided, allowing the client to save on additional maintenance-related costs. Domain names are unique and you can host multiple websites for stand-alone projects on one server.

Secure Payment System

The White Label solution does not require any banking. We offer an existing payment system that is fraud-proof and accepts payments made by credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and additional methods, catering to the varying preferences of our customers.

User-Friendly Multi-Language Interface

If you've been in search of a user-friendly interface, your search ends here. This software offers convenient batch features that allow for effortless navigation, sorting, and handling of multiple files. With our multi-language settings, communication with international clients is greatly enhanced, and our multiple currency solutions streamline transaction processes for added convenience.

Licensing for Your Business

To overcome obstacles in license negotiations and promptly launch your casino, we suggest starting operations under the existing SPRUT GAMING license. Subsequently, transitioning to independent operation is an option, while ensuring that the operator retains the entire client base regardless of the decision.

Тhe Fastest Market Entry: Within 4 Weeks
  • Implement an impactful promotional strategy targeting specific traffic segments
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the online casino
  • Provide excellent customer support services to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Initiate advertising campaigns and loyalty programs to engage and retain regular visitors